Home Air Conditioning

Your home Air Conditioning, Cooling or Heating, Summer and Winter!

Whatever you choice of room, whether it is your entire house, or perhaps a single room, modern air conditioning systems for the home can be installed to not only cool your home when the weather gets hot, but also warm your home during the winter months.

Our systems also dehumidify your home, ensuring that moist air is removed keeping your home dry, summer and winter.


Home air conditioning systems are also very cost effective. All of our systems are on the government's energy efficiency list for low power consumption, meaning that your energy consumption, and therefore your carbon output is minimal.

Modern home air conditioning systems use only a fraction of the power of conventional heating and cooling systems.

The new rotary inverter technology employed within these systems means low power consumption, yet high output both in cooling and heating mode.

Home air conditioning systems may be installed in either high or low level wall mounted units, floor standing, or ducted through ceiling cassette units or via discreet trunking hidden behind walls though small ports in the wall, floor or ceiling surface.