Computer Room air Conditioning


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As we all know very well, computers generate a lot of heat, in fact about 250 watts per hour! When you add to that a monitor, that figure can increase to more than 350 or even 400 watts. Adequate computer room air conditioning for efficient cooling therefore is a must and, as we all know, the growing number of internet users, combined with the ever increasing demand on computer business systems, means that computer rooms are becoming hotter and hotter places.
Without adequate cooling, CPU core temperature start to rise and the servers start to operate impaired leading to malfunction or even failure.

The primary purpose of computer room air conditioning is to remcomputer-room-1ove the several thousands of watts of generated heat and to keep your computer room cool.
Another effect of excessive heat build-up in a computer room is an increased threat of fire. Most larger institutions have good systems in place to limit and prevent overheating by having already installed adequate air conditioning and C02 pumps. SCES Air Conditioning offer complete computer server room air conditioning solution packages, ranging from custom installations, to the hire of temporary portable air conditioning. We offer complimentary surveys for any situation, from the smallest computer server room, to the largest corporate computer server centres.


Computer server rooms like the photo to the left are accidents waiting to happen. The room is full of combustible material, curtains, carpets and wooden furniture. As part of our computer server room air conditioning design and survey service, we are very happy to liaise with your local fire prevention officer to insure that the air conditioning system you choose, will not be compromised by ill-considered, high fire-risk, combustible fixtures and fittings.

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